Kashmir Animal Communication Website

A quirky website for a unique service!


Lorie Reeh is an animal communicator and a true animal lover. She uses telepathy to help pet owners communicate with animals to help find lost pets, understand behavioral changes, and much more. So we designed a cute, quirky website for Lorie that allows her customers to schedule appointments and make payments quickly and easily. We also showcased how Lorie actively helps animals in our community to show customers that she is passionate about what she does and helps build trust.


Lorie can ask for everything she needs to prepare for a phone call or visit with the appointment forms on her website. And for her customers, making payments is easy! Plus, they can rest assured that their information is safe, with payments processed through PayPal. We even helped her with the setup and training of her PayPal account. And she can rest easy knowing that if she ever gets stuck, we’re just an email or phone call away, ready to help!

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July 24, 2018

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Website Design, Website Hosting